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Employment Law Update – Upcoming Changes in 2024

As with previous years, 2024 will bring further sweeping changes to Irish Employment legislation, affecting all employers and employees. Some of the changes include:

  1. Illness Benefit: a reduction in ‘waiting days’ that employees can claim Illness Benefit from the State from six to three days (commencing March 1st)
  2. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP): the introduction of mandatory paid sick leave for employees, which will be funded by employers (likely commencing in Q3)
  3. Parent’s Benefit: an increase in Parent’s Benefit from two to five weeks (commencing April 1st)
  4. Working from Home: the introduction of specific legislation for employees who work remotely (likely commencing in Q3)
  5. Right to Disconnect: the introduction of specific legislation giving employees the right to greater work-life balance in relation to out of hours emails, calls etc.

What does this mean for Employers?

These changes will mean that all employers will need to amend their contracts of employment, introduce new policies and procedures, communicate with employees, as well as financial implications.


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