Drew Consulting

A Brief Description of Services Offered by Drew Consulting

At Drew Consulting, we are dedicated to seeing your business succeed. We offer a range of HR and Talent services that cover every aspect of the employee lifecycle: 

Employment Contracts: We provide legally compliant and commercial employment contracts. 

HR Policies And Procedures: We provide up-to-date policies, procedures and employee handbooks. 

Candidate Sourcing: We connect your business with top-tier talent and match individuals to your requirements using industry expertise and an extensive network. 

Recruitment Support: From job descriptions to completing candidate assessments, we help streamline your hiring process with our ongoing assistance.

Training Workshops and Leadership Development: With our extensive training and development offering, you can invest in the development of your team and enhance leadership capabilities. 

Employee Reward and Retention Strategies: We benchmark the market and work with you to develop key reward offerings to support employee engagement and retention. 

For a comprehensive approach to HR and Talent solutions,

visit Drew Consulting………Your HR & Talent Partner.