Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace Conflict represents any loss in productivity centring around the views (actual or perceived) of a person or group of people of another party. Workplace Conflict will happen! If managed incorrectly, it can cause significant disruption to a business as well as substantial cost.


Here are some simple tips to prevent Workplace Conflict:

  1. Open Communication: Foster a culture of clear, credible and consistent communication across the organisation.
  2. Performance Expectations: Set clear performance objectives that are aligned to both individual and organisational goals.
  3. Culture:  Implement HR policies that represent the organisation, with clearly defined policies on Dignity at Work, Diversity and Inclusion.
  4. Organisation Structure: Design roles, responsibilities and clearly defined reporting lines.


Advantages of Early Conflict Resolution-

  • Improved Relationships: Addressing workplace conflict early prevents issues escalating and maintains productivity.
  • Reduced Stress: Addressing conflict early can significantly reduce stress levels across the organisation.
  • Cost Savings: Prompt conflict resolution saves on formal employee relations issues e.g. grievances and disciplinaries
  • Innovation: Conflict resolution can spark innovation, recognising that different views create a space for idea generation.

Drew Consulting offers HR expertise to enhance workplace productivity, empowering organisations to excel in positive conflict resolution. Contact us to discuss further ways to prevent workplace conflict.